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  Please take action The Sunday Times has published an article – Greyhounds exported to race in China – confirming that 3 Irish greyhounds have been exported to China to be raced on the deadly Macau dog track. Deadly because the track does not operate a homing scheme and no […]


At last Parliament acknowledge that the responsibility for the welfare of greyhounds lay firmly with the gambling industry and have called for the bookmakers to fund the homing of the estimated 3,700 greyhounds that currently go unaccounted for each year – no longer of use as a betting product. Efra […]


Thirteen emaciated dogs have been found living in inches of their own faeces in what an animal rescue group has called one of the worst cases of abuse it has ever seen. The nine greyhounds and four german shepherds were discovered on a property in north-west Cork. They had been […]


On Sunday January 24th – dedicated advocates collectively travelled thousands of miles to oppose the racing industry who back slapped each other in the glitzy surroundings of the Lancaster Hotel central London. Rubbing shoulders with the bookmakers – GBGB – RGT – owners and trainers was Romford MP Andrew Rosindell […]


Greyt Exploitations has had some excellent media coverage following the launch of our Injury Database. In February the Sunday Times ran an article penned by Sanya Burgess with the Headline ‘40,000 racing greyhounds hurt’ You can download a copy of this article in a  PDF format HERE   Again in […]


***PLEASE ACT – DEFRA’S PUBLIC CONSULTATION CLOSES DECEMBER 31st*** Defra are reviewing the 2010 Welfare of Greyhounds Regulations that were passed in an attempt to satisfy the public’s concern about greyhound welfare. Defra would now like to hear from you as to whether the regulations have achieved what they set […]


Fears grow for a young  black female puppy called Sizzling Girl who escaped from her handler just as she was being forced into the traps on Friday December 11th at Sheffield dog track.   The track stopped the racing for less than 50 minutes to ensure she was no longer […]


In true Jackanory style – Simon Banks of the GBGB claims they disclose euthanasia rates to animal welfare groups. Astonishing that the industry can propagate on national radio such untruths. Thankfully the League Against Cruel Sports puts the record straight in that respect. You can hear the interviews here.


Dogs Today magazine investigates the racing industry’s disappearing dogs   In a hard hitting article Victoria Heywood of Dogs Today magazine presses GBGB’s Simon Banks to disclose the number of dogs injured on the tracks and what happens to them when they can no longer race – in particular the […]


Spectacular display of abuse brought to you courtesy of British Greyhound racing. Tonight hundreds of public and private firework displays will held across the country but despite this – greyhound race meetings will go ahead as planned to preserve bookmakers profits. Those tracks that should hang their heads in shame […]