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A 19 month old blue puppy with the betting name Robbies Hawk sustained a broken shoulder at Towcester’s first bend on January 24th 2017. Having only competed in 6 races over a period of just 6 weeks – Robbies Hawk was shown no mercy and was destroyed by the track […]


Greyt Exploitations’ representative Aileen Ward attended the All Party Group Animal Welfare meeting held in the House of Commons last night, together with elected Members of Parliament, a host of charity, rescue, enforcement, veterinary, academic and wildlife organisation advocates. The meeting focussed primarily on the guest speaker projects which Included […]


Huge thanks to all our supporters who voted for Greyt Exploitations to be ‘Best campaigning blogs/Facebook pages about dogs’ in Dogs Today Magazine. We try our best….for the greyhounds!


Fantastic news! Birmingham City Council have approved the redevelopment of Hall Green stadium and it will now close!! Thank you to everyone who contacted Councillors and left comments on the planning application and HUGE thanks to Deborah Drury for all her hard work in coordinating the campaign. While we are […]


BBC Radio Ulster gave airtime to the greyhounds today. Aileen Ward on behalf of Greyt Exploitations along with other advocates spoke passionately for the greyhounds. Sadly trainer Norah McEllistrim propagates that trainers/owners are fined and banned if they ‘put down’ a greyhound. Oh really Norah? Time To Grow Up  


Very powerful and intense speech by Mike Baird – Australia’s NSW Premier – announcing a ban on greyhound racing. “The report is chilling – confronting – horrific” Justice McHugh “has shone a light on an industry that has overseen the slaughter of tens of thousands of healthy dogs whose only […]


Ireland is still destroying hundreds of healthy greyhounds every year. A total of 203 from 366 unwanted greyhounds handed over to Irish pounds were destroyed in 2015 – deemed of no further use. Yet the IGB have recently awarded €250,000 per year to greyhound breeders as an incentive to breed […]


Carnage at Crayford – again! According to information received – at least 2 dogs were destroyed by the track’s vet on Saturday June 18th. Millers Rhythm a 22 month old black puppy in his first ever race was crowded at the first bend and then broke down shortly afterwards. Get […]


Gabrielle Monaghan May 15 2016, 12:01am,  The Sunday Times The Irish Greyhound Board and the Department of Agriculture sent officials to a greyhound schooling track and kennels in Co Cork on Friday to inspect 24 greyhounds that had been destined for a Chinese dog track. Following complaints by the Irish […]


Romeo In Milan – a 2 year old white male – sustained a series of fractures after colliding at the FIRST bend during the Derby heats at Wimbledon dog track on May 7th 2016. He was shown no mercy by his owner/trainer and was rewarded for his ‘services’ with a […]