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Carnage at Crayford – again! According to information received – at least 2 dogs were destroyed by the track’s vet on Saturday June 18th. Millers Rhythm a 22 month old black puppy in his first ever race was crowded at the first bend and then broke down shortly afterwards. Get […]


Gabrielle Monaghan May 15 2016, 12:01am,  The Sunday Times The Irish Greyhound Board and the Department of Agriculture sent officials to a greyhound schooling track and kennels in Co Cork on Friday to inspect 24 greyhounds that had been destined for a Chinese dog track. Following complaints by the Irish […]


Romeo In Milan – a 2 year old white male – sustained a series of fractures after colliding at the FIRST bend during the Derby heats at Wimbledon dog track on May 7th 2016. He was shown no mercy by his owner/trainer and was rewarded for his ‘services’ with a […]


The Irish Times publishes another good article ahead of today’s protest in Dublin attended by Maureen O’Sullivan TD and actress Pauline McLynn. Minister under fire over greyhound exports.    


Despite pressure from greyhound protection groups and Dogs Trust Ireland – Simon Coveney the Irish Minister responsible for the exporting of greyhounds to China has stated in today’s Sunday Times “Once appropriate animal health and welfare certification requirements are met, dogs, including greyhounds, may be exported internationally, including to China” […]


  Please take action The Sunday Times has published an article – Greyhounds exported to race in China – confirming that 3 Irish greyhounds have been exported to China to be raced on the deadly Macau dog track. Deadly because the track does not operate a homing scheme and no […]


Many thanks to Wandsworth Radio for the opportunity to raise awareness in South London and giving their listeners the opportunity to make an informed decision on whether they want a cruel gambling industry to remain at Wimbledon.  


Reporter Craig Richard pens an excellent article in the Wimbledon Guardian on the cruelty of greyhound racing  and fears of what will happen to the dogs when the track closes are allayed by the local rescue – Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare – who said “It is a concern that we could […]


At last Parliament acknowledge that the responsibility for the welfare of greyhounds lay firmly with the gambling industry and have called for the bookmakers to fund the homing of the estimated 3,700 greyhounds that currently go unaccounted for each year – no longer of use as a betting product. Efra […]


Thirteen emaciated dogs have been found living in inches of their own faeces in what an animal rescue group has called one of the worst cases of abuse it has ever seen. The nine greyhounds and four german shepherds were discovered on a property in north-west Cork. They had been […]