The long list of fatalities continues at Belle Vue and Greyhound Action’s persistence secures wide media coverage – including an article in the Manchester Evening News. A major achievement considering the newspaper has in the past held social events in partnership with Belle Vue and continues to receive thousands of pounds advertising revenue from the track.

Manchester Evening News – 30 injured greyhounds put down at dog track

Following a public consultation the Greyhound Welfare Regulations come into force and the government choose to ignore not only 1,671 submissions in support of the Racing Dog Protection Act that advocates the abolition of betting on dogs but also the concerns  of 174 MP’s who signed an Early Day Motion calling on the Government to   ‘Acknowledge that the draft regulations under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 on the welfare of the 30,000 greyhounds used for racing are, following consultation, acceptable only to the gambling industry and have been conclusively rejected by over 10,000 concerned individuals and animal welfare organisations because of their inadequacies in regulation and extension to kennelling and retirement; and further calls on the Government to ensure that hon. Members are given adequate opportunity to consider the provisions of any regulation laid before the House before being asked to decide on them’

EDM – Greyhound Welfare Regulations

The Dogs Trust brand the regulations a ‘whitewash’ and are appalled that ‘the Government has decided to restrict Greyhound welfare provisions to just trackside activity – thereby condemning thousands of dogs to a life of misery and in some cases an early death’

Dog Magazine – Labour slammed by Dogs Trust

The RSPCA remains very concerned that there is no comprehensive system of regulation of greyhound racing ‘from cradle to grave’. Current regulations only cover welfare whilst at the racing track and not at kennels or elsewhere where they spend the majority of their time.

And the regulator for Local Councils continued to oppose the regulations by stating  ‘It is LACORS’ view that these Regulations, including the identification requirements, will have no significant impact on the fate of retired racing greyhounds. LACORS reiterates that the Animal Welfare Act remains a discretionary function for councils.