Commercial Dog Racing - funded and controlled by the gambling industry - is dependent on inherent cruel practices for its financial viability :

  • The culling of healthy puppies that fail to chase the mechanical lure or are too slow to 'make the grade'
  • The destruction of healthy greyhounds deemed no longer suitable as a 'betting product' - too old or slow - if no retirement home can be found.
  • The destruction of dogs that sustain treatable but 'career ending' injuries on the dangerously configured tracks designed purely for the spectator.
  • In 2018 the industry destroyed 242 injured greyhounds at the tracks - 514 were destroyed away from the track using unknown methods and 176 greyhounds were reported by the GBGB to have died a sudden death or due to natural causes.



In 2017 at least 4,000 greyhound puppies bred for British racing remain unaccounted for after failing to 'make the grade' because they were either too slow or were disinterested in chasing the mechanical lure. Despite a raft of promised 'Welfare Commitments' from the GBGB - injuries have increased every year for the last 3 years and on average 14 greyhounds die every week. Please sign the peition to end the curelty.


"Greyhound racing is a self-regulating gambling business that depends on the uncontrolled breeding and unaccountable disappearance of thousands of dogs every year. That is a situation that is unacceptable and indefensible"

~ Annette Crosbie OB


Tia Rescue have in excess of 70 greyhounds looking for tender loving care which they so desperately deserve. If you would like to offer a forever loving home to a rescued greyhound please click on the image – thank you!

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