During a week of action from August 24 to 30 Animal Rights Action Network worked hard to get the facts out to the general public about the cruelty and exploitation of greyhounds in the racing industry. Over the week and during the month of September ARAN will be working hard to raise awareness of the Irish campaign to abolish cruel greyhound racing and to educate people about the horrors of what gentle greyhounds endure before, during and after their racing lives.

Please click here to see the full article – http://www.indymedia.ie/article/94018

Ireland breeds approximately 80% of the greyhounds for UK tracks – with the aid of EU funding through farming schemes.

Irish Bred Greyhounds

Considered as livestock and treated as such, the Irish industry do not actively promote greyhounds as companion animals and as a consequence, receive even less protection – either in racing or retirement – than the British greyhound, if that is at all possible……….

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