The weekly schedule of BAGS races increased from 46 to 74 at the start of 2018. Extended hours and more venues will mean the extra race meetings will require on average 5,772 dogs to compete in the 74 race meetings held every week – an increase of 71% compared to the 3,360 in 2017.

Traditionally SIS – Sports Information Services Ltd – has streamed dog racing to the high street bookmakers – online and to betting markets worldwide. On January 1st that all changed and a newly formed group – Greyhound Media Group – sold their race meetings to The Racing Partnership who also stream dog racing to the high street bookmakers – online and betting markets worldwide.

SIS will continue to provide coverage of race meetings from 8 tracks – while the new group will supply coverage from 12 tracks through The Racing Partnership. Having secured lucrative contracts by selling the media rights to the races – tracks are becoming less and less dependent on paying punters through the turnstiles.

Already we have recorded a 24% increase in injuries comparing results from the 1st week in January 2017 to the 1st week of this year and early indications show that dogs are being forced to perform twice within a 7 day period and after having being recorded as finishing ‘lame’ in their previous race.

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