Greyt Exploitations – Greyhound Compassion and Professor Andrew Knight met with members of the Greyhound Forum at Dogs Trust’s London offices  yesterday to discuss in greater detail our  report ‘Injuries in Racing Greyhounds’




The Forum was represented by Dogs Trust – RSPCA – Greyhound Rescue Wales and the Greyhound Trust. GBGB representatives included MD Mark Bird  –  Chairman Jeremy Cooper – Chief Veterinary Officer Simon Gower and  Richard Payne who undertakes research on behalf of the GBGB.

We had a very lively discussion and were given the opportunity to expose areas within the industry where commercial decisions are made  to protect profits rather than the health and welfare of the greyhounds. Consequently the Forum were left in no doubt as to the hazardous configuration of tracks and the lack of ‘will’ by the industry to address this very serious issue identified in our report where ’75 per cent of fatalities occurred from accidents at or approaching the first bend’

Many thanks to Clarissa Baldwin CBE chairman of the Greyhound Forum for arranging this very positive meeting and we look forward to further dialogue.