Run fast……Run free at last

Yet more sad and distressing news has hit the headlines – this time a greyhound’s decomposing body has been found with his ears cut off, on a footpath in between Trimdon and Kelloe in County Durham – less than three miles from Wheatley Hill independent greyhound stadium.

The woman who took the gruesome pictures has asked for her identity to be kept secret for fear of reprisals from the dog’s owner, who is thought to live locally.

This area of County Durham is scattered with greyhounds that have run on licensed tracks and then sold or given away – only to be further exploited on ‘flapping’ tracks. Kept in garden sheds or on allotments in filthy conditions, these poor greyhounds miserable existence are a direct result of commercial greyhound racing and undoubtedly the ultimate responsibility lay with the bookmakers who finance and have total control of this exploitative industry.

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