As predicted prior to Christmas, a series of stadiums have followed in Peterborough’s footsteps and have announced midweek closures because of poor attendances.

The Greyhound Star reports following a very slow lead up to Christmas and an anticipated sharp drop in attendances in the New Year, Portsmouth have announced they are to drop their Tuesday meetings throughout January and February.

Mike Hall, the Mildenhall racing manager states he is ‘dreading the start of the New Year’ and are discontinuing their Saturday meetings from the beginning of January. Harlow is also scraping its Thursday race meeting during January.

As expected the GRA have been forced to cut their losses and Oxford will be closing the stadium on Tuesday from January, claiming they are constantly losing money on the midweek meeting. One of their sister stadiums Perry Barr has also cutback on the midweek meeting.

Although, these may only be temporary measures, it will be interesting to see if the race nights are restored. Accumulatively, the loss of these 6 race meetings can be compared to the closure of two stadiums.