We are now in our fourth month of 2009 and not surprisingly the industry’s promoters of the new Greyhound Board of Great Britain have enjoyed a fully functional website since the beginning of January.

However, the GBGB have ignored repeated requests from Greyt Exploitations for a date when the regulator’s website will be published and have also refused to  confirm  any disciplinary hearings which may or may not have been held since autumn 2008.

Since the GBGB’s conception, there has been nothing to suggest the industry intends to become more transparent and accountable. Declan Donnelly – Director of Regulation –  has already questioned the need for some disciplinary hearings, stating “Naturally, those of a more serious nature should and will be bought before the Disciplinary Committee but we should ask the question whether all hearings are necessary. If we can establish clearly defined punishments and penalties for levels of offence, then some of the former hearings would not be deemed necessary to sit before the committee”.

Until such a time as the regulator’s website is published or we receive a reply from the GBGB, we are unable to update the ‘new’ structure of the racing industry.

Is this the lack of transparency we can now expect from the industry’s regulators – the new Greyhound Regulatory Board?