A greyhound has been found stabbed to death in the Silksworth area of Sunderland – North East England – by a lady walking her dog.

The gruesome discovery was made on February 11th and although the police visited the scene shortly after the crime was reported and removed a breadknife found next to the body, Jean Frost was horrified to find the body left to rot and exposed to the elements a week later.

Mrs Frost, who volunteers for  several animal rescue centres across the region, said the dog looked as though it had been badly treated and was malnourished – “There were bones sticking out of its body and it looked extremely thin like it hadn’t been looked after. It’s so sad.”

There are no less than five greyhound stadiums all within a 15 mile radius of Silksworth – Newcastle, Sunderland and Pelaw Grange licensed tracks and Wheatley Hill and Easington independent tracks. The town of Seaham where David Smith was exposed by The Sunday Times of slaughtering an estimated 10,000 greyhounds is also situated less than 5 miles from Silksworth.

Greyhound racing is obviously economically important to the area and as such is well supported. Both the police and the RSPCA have been reluctant to confirm details of any investigation that may have been held.

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