Further to a heated online and ongoing debate between supporters of the racing industry and greyhound protection groups, Ryan O’mera, editor-in-chief of K9 Magazine, has published an article ‘Have we Done Enough on the Suffering of Discarded Greyhounds?’

Ryan writes ‘I know there are many people out there who care passionately about this issue, who live it and breathe it. How can we help? Even if it’s just adding links to our sites or running more awareness articles, please tell me how we can get this issue to the top of the agenda again’

Greyhounds are continually let down by the media – Sunday Times aside – who fail to highlight the welfare issues surrounding greyhound racing, for fear of jeopardizing their revenue generated through advertising and sponsorship or simply through sheer ignorance and not wanting to appear controversial.

However, K9 magazine who publish an online and a hard copy magazine are prepared to help all those concerned with greyhound welfare in raising awareness and have stated ‘we want to do more, what should it be?

So come on folks – Europeans included – get your thinking caps on and post your suggestions online. This is an ideal opportunity to contribute to the way welfare can be improved for the racing greyhound.

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