Jane’s artwork used to promote greyhound racing to a national audience by the BBC


Since our appeal below – it has transpired the avatar used to promote BBC radio presenter Colin Murray’s racing greyhound ‘Showme_Thebunny’ on Twitter and consequently dog racing to a national audience – was copied and reproduced from Max and Molly Designs without permission.

Jane Jones – the proprietor of Max and Molly Designs is an advocate for greyhounds and generously donates a percentage of the profits from her business to grassroots rescue – rehabilitation and re-homing groups in Scotland.

A series of complaints requesting the avatar be removed were ignored until the BBC’s legal department were contacted. Although Jane’s artwork has now been removed – there has been no apology or statement from the BBC.

Please write to Colin Murray and ask that he makes a public apology on his radio show ‘Fighting Talk’ and that he makes a donation to one of Jane’s chosen charities for the use of – albeit for 4 weeks – Jane’s artwork that helps to raise much needed funds for the thousands of dogs that are dumped and abandoned by the racing industry – an industry Colin Murray is promoting.

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A timeline of Jane’s complaint can be seen HERE


BBC promoting Greyhound racing as “A great fun night out”

BBC Radio 5 Live’s sports presenter and fan of greyhound racing Colin Murray has taken ownership of a white and brindle 2 year old female greyhound. Named by the show’s listeners – Showme Thebunny will run the risk of injury regularly at Sheffield’s Owlerton dog track on Friday evenings – with Colin Murray’s ‘Kicking Off’ show providing live coverage.

An article in the Greyhound Star reports – “With the GBGB working on ways to encourage syndicate participation across the country the initiative is timely and provides an exciting opportunity to showcase all the excitement the sport so readily offers up” and encourages readers to “Tune into the show on Friday nights when the regular national exposure for the sport will be a welcome outlet for greyhound racing news and views”

Please complain to the BBC regarding their national promotion of an inherently cruel gambling industry. Colin Murray has also described Showme Thebunny as “Our greyhound – your greyhound if you’re listening – you’ve adopted her” – so please also call for her immediate withdrawal from the track.

Please remember to be polite at all times and enclose the links to these newspaper articles specifically on Sheffield dog track.

The Star – Top Greyhound Given Cocaine

The Star -Owlerton Track is Dangerous for Dogs

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Twitter – Showme_Thebunny

Please also write to Kriss Akabusi – who contributed to the programme and who we are sure will be unaware of the cruelty involved in greyhound racing


Colin Murray and his studio guests laugh and joke about Showme Thebunny’s knock at the first bend – a bend that takes so many lives and is often the last for these gentle souls.

Many thanks ~ as always for your care and compassion for the dogs