Leafleting campaign at Brighton and Hove

Brighton and Hove stadium have announced tonight’s Tuesday meeting will be the last, leaving the number of evening meetings held to just two nights a week.

The dog track is one of two owned by Corals bookmakers and on this occasion, the lucrative daytime BAGS races, which are held purely for gambling purposes, could not justify subsidising the loss making evening meeting.

Newly appointed head of stadia David Macdonald, said it was purely a commercial decision.

“Tuesday racing has not been popular for a while. I spoke to bookmakers, owners, trainers and there’s no appetite for the Tuesday meeting. It was time to pull the plug. It will affect some of the staff but we’re in consultation with them and trying to make up their hours.”

The Argus article makes no mention of what measures are being taken to re-home any surplus dogs but it does serve to remind us there are many greyhounds nationwide, needing loving homes. Please contact your nearest re-homing centre if you can offer a temporary or permanent sofa to one of these gentle and graceful creatures – they make wonderful companions!

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