At last Parliament acknowledge that the responsibility for the welfare of greyhounds lay firmly with the gambling industry and have called for the bookmakers to fund the homing of the estimated 3,700 greyhounds that currently go unaccounted for each year – no longer of use as a betting product.
Efra state “We believe government should apply greater pressure to bookmakers to pay a fair reflection of all the profits they make. If a voluntary agreement cannot be struck we recommend that government introduce a statutory levy of 1% of gross turnover”
Whilst we welcome Efra’s report and recommendations – we are disappointed it  makes no mention of the further 6,000 greyhounds bred for British racing that don’t make it to the tracks – either too slow or fail to chase the mechanical lure – 85% of which are bred in Southern Ireland.

So who will ensure the welfare of these dogs or will it be left yet again to the independent rescues to pick up the lucky ones that survive being culled?

Much media attention has been generated with the release of Efra’s Greyhound Welfare Report including 2 articles by the Sunday Times – one front page. Please click HERE for PDF copy

full page article

Please click HERE for PDF copy

front page

You can read Efra’s full report HERE