The countdown has started for the Sighthound Welfare Trust Spring Auction in aid of Greyhounds Galore – commencing on March 5th and running for one week only.

Greyhounds Galore are a small voluntary group who have been under extreme pressure recently, having to fund the re-homing for 11 greyhounds which recently came into their care – all within the space of 4 weeks!

In mid December Greyhounds Galore were contacted by a supporter in the north who was very concerned for the health of dogs in their local pound and sympathetically, GG agreed to take 3 greyhounds to help the situation.

The day before Christmas Eve, 4 greyhounds were due to be euthanased at a local vets and GG immediately made arrangements for them to go into private boarding kennels.

Less than 3 weeks later GG were alerted to yet another 3 greyhounds due to be euthanased and without question, GG squeezed them in along with another abandoned greyhound from the local dog pound and all 4 greyhounds are now safe in private boarding.

Please try your best to donate items to the auction and support the excellent work of Greyhounds Galore who work tirelessly to rescue and re-home as many sighthounds as possible.

Details of how to donate items to the auction can be seen here

Please click here to see the gorgeous hounds in need of loving homes and for an insight into the wonderful work of Greyhounds Galore.

Many thanks as always for your continued support