Defra are reviewing the 2010 Welfare of Greyhounds Regulations that were passed in an attempt to satisfy the public’s concern about greyhound welfare. Defra would now like to hear from you as to whether the regulations have achieved what they set out to do or whether you still have concerns regarding the welfare of racing greyhounds.

Any member of the public – regardless of where you live – can contribute to the Public Consultation and you have two options to let the Government know what you think.

A) You can email Defra and tell them what you want the Government to do – giving you the freedom to say exactly what you think and how best can the Government address your concerns about greyhound welfare. Please try to use your own words as this will add value to your submission.
AnimalWelfare.Consultations@defra.gsi.gov.uk (Please put ‘Greyhound Welfare’ as the subject in your email)


B) You can complete the consultation questionnaire which restricts you to answering questions on 6 basic issues.

Government have stated they have no plans to ban greyhound racing because they believe there is nothing inherently cruel with the industry even though they don’t know how many greyhounds bred for British racing are destroyed every year or how many are injured on the dangerous tracks.

You – the public – now have the opportunity to have your say – speak for the greyhounds and show your strength of feeling about how poorly greyhounds are treated as a disposable gambling product. How they are over bred – raced on dangerously configured tracks and disposed of in their thousands every year.

The consultation closes on December 31st – so please act now and give these innocent souls the gift of a voice.



Greyhound protection groups believe that the 2010 regulations have done very little to improve the welfare of greyhounds and therefore the regulations have failed to address the public’s concerns.

  • We believe the industry should publish their records of what happens to a greyhound from cradle to grave in order to address the public’s concern for the thousands of greyhounds bred for British racing that go unaccounted for each year. Cost nil.
  • We believe the industry should publish their injury records on a daily basis – to include details of tracks – the name of the dogs injured and the treatment they were given. Most importantly we believe the industry should publish the records they hold of greyhounds euthanased as a result of an injury. We believe the public have a right to access this information. Cost nil.
  • We believe that trainer’s kennels should be licensed and inspected by the Local Authority and comply with the Animal Boarding Establishments Act which is currently enforced by the Local Authorities. We also believe that the Local Authorities would ensure the correct planning is in place – business rates are being paid and environmental legislation is complied with – none of which are being enforced by the current regulators – the GBGB. Cost recouped by the Local Authority licensing fee.
  • We believe that track vets should be financially independent of stadium owners giving them the freedom cancel meetings and to report welfare concerns without compromising their position. Cost nil.
  • We believe a new independent body to include representatives from welfare groups should regulate and oversee greyhound racing – both GBGB tracks and independent (flapping) tracks. We also believe this body should adopt and enforce the Animal Welfare Act 2006 as regards racing greyhounds. Cost borne by gambling industry.
  • Finally – we believe the gambling industry should increase it’s financial contribution to greyhound racing to ensure that no greyhounds bred for British racing are euthanased for economic reasons. Cost borne by gambling industry.