Sheffield trainer Stuart Mason faces an internal GBGB inquiry after his Droopys Arshavin tested positive for cocaine and its metabolite benzoylecgonine at Wimbledon on August 3rd. Five months on – Mr Mason has not been bought before the GBGB and still continues to train and race greyhounds in his ‘care’

The Star – Greyhound given cocaine

K9 Magazine publishes Greytexploitations article called ‘Shocking Views on Greyhound Welfare Expressed by Industry Insider’ as Gordon Bissett – head of Ladbrokes Greyhound Stadia –  is caught on camera delivering a speech during a conference organised by the American greyhound racing industry in March of this year. Describing greyhounds as inanimate objects Gordon Bissett said  “Our concern was that the number of tracks declined, that means the numbers of breeding declined. So far, in the UK that isn’t the case. What has happened is that greyhounds have become a lot cheaper – you’ve heard of ‘buy one get one free’, well we have that with the dogs”

Dog Magazine – Shocking views on greyhound welfare expressed by industry insider