On Tuesday May 2nd – Sleek Hopper a 5½ year old black boy – started his 150th race at Newcastle dog track but DID NOT FINISH. He broke down coming off the third bend and his right leg can be seen flailing about as he desperately tries to continue racing in full ‘prey mode’

We will never know for certain whether this poor boy was given lifesaving treatment as the industry refuse to publish its injury records but in view of the fact that Sleek Hopper had moved down to the lowest grade over a 4 year period and was the slowest in this handicap race – we doubt his trainer or owners would have spared him any financial help after they continued to drain every last penny out of him and we suspect he has literally been raced to his death.

Sleek Hopper DOB 05.11.11 – Last registered trainer J Walton – Last registered owner(s) Mr M Ridley & Mr JT Smith

Please sign the petition calling for the industry to publish its injury records that would identify what happens to the thousands of greyhounds that sustain an injury and never race again.

http://goo.gl/YixYKA – thank you!