Further to six greyhounds dying after fire spread throughout kennels in North Yorkshire, last October, another ten greyhounds – kennelled in County Armagh Northern Ireland – have died due to smoke inhalation.

David Park – kennel owner-  who keeps greyhounds for racing and coursing, has estimated the loss – in his words – to be in region of tens of thousands of pounds.

In an interview with the BBC – Mr Park said ‘Nobody in their right minds would touch an animal – it doesn’t do anybody any wrong’ and questioned ‘How do you make an animal suffer?’

Perhaps Mr Park should look towards the very industry he supports to answer that question.

He goes on to say ‘The only people that would do things like this are Saboteurs’

A spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs said ‘Sadly it is Mr Park who is misguided, in assuming this is the work of a group of people who are traditionally concerned for all animals – hares, foxes and dogs. The real enemy are the hare coursers who destroy dogs once they are of no further use.’

The arson attack comes just days after the Irish Greyhound Board announced they looked set to lose in the region of €100,000 due to cancelled races because of the weather and less than a month after the Irish Government announced a 13pc cut in funding to the racing industry.