Debra Rothery, founder of Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue has decided – quite rightly – stray greyhounds coming into Tia’s care are the financial responsibility of the racing industry because of the industry’s failure to enforce Rule 18 – ‘Responsibility of Ownership’ .

Rule 18 sets out specific measures enabling the monitoring of a greyhound’s whereabouts to ensure their welfare in either racing or retirement and a Change of Ownership notification must be submitted within 28 days of such.

However, many owners and trainers contravene the rule – do not submit the notification – and readily take the cheapest option by either giving dogs away, abandoning or destroying them, encouraged by the industry’s failure to monitor and enforce the rule.

Debra has said ‘In an ideal world the racing industry would pick up after itself, but as we all know it isn’t, and it is down to you decent folk to foot the bill’

‘The racing industry as of 1st January 2009, in an attempt to sort itself out, has got rid of the old structure and has launched the new GBGB – Greyhound Board of Great Britain. So I have thought that with this new start, they may wish to do the right thing and pay for the basic requirements of the stray greyhounds that come into our care’

‘We have over 80 dogs here at the moment, various reasons and stories to tell, but the strays can’t tell us anything other than they ended up in a stray kennel. We have 21 strays here at the moment’

‘I will bill them every month. I won’t hold my breath’.

Please click here to view Tia’s invoice

Greyt Exploitation’s agree wholeheartedly with Tia’s demands in that the independent greyhound re-homing groups are entitled to financial compensation for the industry’s failure to monitor and enforce responsible ownership which results in many greyhounds being abandoned or given away without neutering or home checks.

Just as alarmingly, many trainers have healthy greyhounds killed – once they are deemed too slow or old – rather than invest in the time or expense of kennelling and caring for a greyhound until a retirement home can be found.

Constantly independent re-homing groups are subjected to emotional blackmail and financially burdened – having little option but to take in strays and save greyhounds from a lethal injection – thereby subsidising those who finance and ultimately control greyhound racing – the multi billion pound gambling industry.

We would urge all independent greyhound rescue groups to add details of stray greyhounds or those saved from a lethal injection to Tia’s Wall of Shame, so the extent of the industry’s lack of regulation and duty of care towards greyhounds can be fully addressed.

Please email (copy and paste) or Greyt Exploitations with details of greyhounds ~ many thanks in anticipation for your support and of course giving the greyhounds a voice.