Greyhound trainer and prolific gambler, Graham Calvert, has been given a 2 year prison sentence for possessing cocaine with intent to supply, having a shotgun without a certificate, possessing a prohibited weapon and having a knife as an offensive weapon.

Tom Moran, prosecuting, said: “The defendant, it appears, was a success as a greyhound trainer but going hand-in-hand with greyhound training is gambling”.

During his short but ‘successful’ career Calvert had been subject to a number of National NGRC Inquiries, including positive testing of drug samples and ‘irregular’ performances of greyhounds in his care.

On two separate occasions, within a period of 3 weeks, Methylprednisolone was found in urine samples taken from Calvert’s young two year old greyhound, Tweedale Scott.

The NGRC state ‘Methylprednisolone in particular may mask injury and so it is especially important for a greyhound’s welfare that it is fully clear of any treatment before racing because injury may be hidden which may have serious consequences for the welfare of the greyhound.

Regardless, Calvert was allowed to continue to train greyhounds until he was found guilty of falsifying documents. This would have allowed for illegal betting practices and it was only then did the NGRC deem this offence serious enough to revoke his trainer’s license.

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