Latest Greyhound Protection Review – 2008

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Remembrance Sunday at York Greyhound Remembrance Weekend sees flowers laid at stadiums in memory of the 100’s of thousands of greyhounds who have died at the hands of the racing industry and a host of ‘awareness’ campaigns are held nationally including street stalls and media appeals. July 12th marked the […]


Daniel Foggo exposes what has been an age old tradition of slaughtering healthy greyhounds at knacker’s yards, once they have served their usefulness. Annette Crosbie OBE has a demanding letter published in the Racing Post – questioning why the industry did not embark on an analysis of the displaced […]


Reading stadium closed its doors for the last time and Greyhounds UK commence the monitoring and analysis of greyhounds displaced by the stadiums closure. Greyhound Action has an excellent article published on Dogs Magazine reporting how Frisby Foreman sustains an injury during a live televised race at Belle Vue […]


Greyhound Action Scotland were represented at a Fringe event during the SNP’s annual conference by two of its youngest supporters – Finleigh and Kalya Wells. The two sisters were interviewed by Christine Grahame MSP about why animal welfare is important to the voters of tomorrow.


Greyhound Watch has an excellent article published in The Star – serving South Yorkshire – questioning whether Sheffield’s Owlerton Stadium is the most dangerous track in Britain.–   Generous supporters donate a staggering £1,444 to Action for Greyhounds UK after founder member – Annie Boddey – Skydives from 12,000 […]


Daniel Foggo exposes the racing industry again with an excellent piece of investigative journalism of how the largest greyhound breeder in the UK is selling healthy puppies failing to make the grade – too slow or wont chase – to Liverpool University for research and dissection.


ISAERA produce a brilliant short documentary featuring Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue – highlighting the importance of the forthcoming public consultation period for Secondary Legislation.   Santa comes early in the form of the Greyhound Star with good news of a huge drop in attendances – as much as […]


Leafleting at the Cheltenham Festival Greytexploitations release ‘Magical Greyhound Friendships’ in response to TV vet Emma Milnes’ article in Dogs Today magazine.   Greyhound racing at the Cheltenham Festival is cancelled due to a link between the fatal greyhound virus and equine flu, posing an obvious health risk to […]


Daniel Foggo of the Sunday Times exposes a ‘Vets secret trade in body parts’ – involving a greyhound clinic in Essex killing healthy greyhounds and selling their warm organs to the Royal Veterinary Clinic. The RSPCA submit a report to DEFRA in response to the APGAW and Donoughue reports […]


Greyhound Crusaders successfully lobby Cockermouth council and plans for a new greyhound stadium are thwarted.