As you may already be aware, Defra are presently holding a public consultation on the welfare of greyhounds.

Sadly, these proposals will do nothing to improve welfare for greyhounds or change the current situation, whereby greyhounds are continuing to suffer and be destroyed in their 1,000’s, on and off the tracks.

These proposals, if accepted, will only serve to give the gambling industry the continued protection and freedom to conduct itself as it always has done – as a law unto itself.

However, the consultation presents an opportunity to raise awareness with our MP’s and let them know what we – the voters – want!

Lord Lipsey has always argued the publication of injury statistics will invite ‘extremist attacks’ on specific tracks and with this excuse, the gambling industry have consistently refused to publish such data.

The All Party Group for Animal Welfare – APGAW – report dismissed Lord Lipsey’s argument and concluded, all injury data should – by law – be recorded and made public.

There has never been any ‘extremist attacks’ on greyhound stadiums – on the contrary – greyhound protection groups constantly hold Remembrance Services in memory of those greyhounds that have known to have died.

It is fundamentally and ethically wrong for anyone to knowingly expose any animal to a high risk of suffering or fatal injury and it is also fundamentally and ethically wrong for this government to afford the gambling industry the protection it presently ‘enjoys’ to do exactly that.

The racing industry should be required by law, under statutory regulations to record and publish monthly injuries and incidents of euthanasia on a central database, as part of a system whereby a greyhound’s life is recorded from cradle to grave.

So the people of this nation can make an informed choice of whether to support the exploitation and destruction of dogs which generates billions of pounds for the gambling industry.

Please write to your MP and Defra in protest, enclosing link to the ‘Dying to Entertain You’ article

Details of your local MP can be found here –

To respond directly to Defra’s consultation please send your email to – – Clearly stating the name of the consultation in the subject header eg: ‘Regulations – Greyhounds’

Many thanks as always for your continued support and caring for the greyhounds

‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’ – Edmund Burke