Further to a Freedom of Information request, we now have extensive details of dozens of greyhounds euthanased at Belle Vue Stadium since the autumn of 2007

Sadly, not only do these include greyhounds that have sustained an injury on the track – some minor and some more serious – but also greyhounds destroyed after being deemed ‘unsuitable as a pet’

In memory of these greyhounds disposed of at Belle Vue and the many thousands that will have suffered and died in the name of this ‘sport’, greyhound  protection groups will be holding a Remembrance Service next Sunday – 16th November at 12 noon.

This will be a peaceful and respectful gathering and therefore suitable for dogs to attend.

Please bring flowers and wreaths, which following a minute’s silence, will be laid at the stadium’s entrance.   ~

If you would like or can offer help with transport, please email

Directions to the stadium can be found here



Last Wednesday BBC TV broadcast what can only be described as a ten minute promotional feature on Romford Greyhound Stadium.

The BBC’s mission statement is to ‘enrich people’s lives with programmes and services that inform, educate and entertain’ and they claim to have such values as to be ‘independent, impartial and honest’.

Despite the BBC further categorising ‘Inside Out London’ as being ‘Factual’, the programme failed dismally to ‘inform or educate’ in anyway which could be considered as either independent, impartial or in an honest manner.

The presenter, Mathew Wright ridiculed campaigners by stating -‘there are those that are glad to see the closure of any greyhound stadium because they claim it’s a cruel sport and it’s the old dogs that suffer. They say that once they stop racing – it’s the knackers yard for them – but it appears this is far from the truth’

Clearly the BBC have failed to research and acknowledge the overwhelming evidence of ALL welfare issues such as over breeding, lack of welfare, injuries, destruction of healthy greyhounds, irresponsible re-homing practices and further exploitation of the racing greyhound in retirement.

Had the Inside Out London team remained impartial, they would have addressed not only the concerns of greyhound protection groups but also the concerns contained in the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare Report, the industry’s commissioned Donoughue Report and those of the RSPCA and the League Against Cruel Sports. All of the aforementioned organisations being highly critical of greyhound racing in its present day form.

To view the programme please click here

After viewing this ‘advertisement’ we hope you will be motivated to complain to the BBC – email addresses below – and educate the BBC on ALL of the welfare issues surrounding greyhound racing or if you prefer, simply to highlight the totally irresponsible attitude adopted by Romford Homefinders in the way they chose to promote the greyhound as a ‘pet’.

To help you, a letter of complaint has been prepared which can be copied and pasted.
Please feel free to send it in its entirety or edit and add your personal comments but please remember to remain polite at all times.

Dear BBC
I wish to complain regarding the Inside Out London programme broadcast on Wednesday October 15, promoting a night at the dogs at Romford Stadium.

The BBC must surely be aware of the publication of the APGAW and the industry’s commissioned Donoughue reports which concluded there were many areas of grave concern regarding welfare within the industry.

The BBC must also be aware of the further damming of these already highly critical reports by the RSPCA and the League Against Cruel Sports who in response, demanded even more drastic welfare changes to ensure minimum welfare standards for greyhounds.

More recently the Sunday Times, in exposing this ruthless industry, have published two investigative articles earlier this year, which could not have escaped your attention.

Ironically, the first article exposed a veterinary clinic at an Ockendon greyhound complex, euthanasing healthy greyhounds and then selling their warm body parts to the Royal Veterinary College . This was the very same complex which is home to Romford Homefinders, who you featured in the programme.

The second article exposed the largest greyhound breeder in the UK selling puppies who would not chase or too slow, to Liverpool University for research and dissection.

You only have to read the online comments on both these articles to ascertain the public’s opinion and disgust of greyhound racing.
http://www.timesonl tol/news/ uk/article346671 2.ece
http://www.timesonl tol/news/ uk/crime/ article3908388. ece

Why, as a public service broadcaster, who is supposed to be ‘free from commercial influence and answer to its viewers and listeners’ has the BBC chosen to promote an industry which has failed to address very serious welfare concerns, an industry that is dependent on gambling and an industry that is in sharp decline, the promotion of such, being further fuelled by those interviewed on the programme and needless to say, who are financially dependent on the industry – without the airing of any welfare issues?

Astonishingly, the presenter Mathew Wright, remained anything but impartial throughout and gave his firm stamp of approval on this exploitative industry with his closing statement – ‘A night at the dogs – always a good evening’

I sincerely hope the BBC research the facts behind greyhound racing and you give the public, welfare organisations and greyhound protection groups the opportunity in the very near future to address this inaccurate piece of pro racing propaganda you have irresponsibly broadcast.

In meantime, please be advised of the following facts and statements

For every greyhound puppy that makes it to the track, at least one other puppy will be culled or killed because they won’t chase or are too slow to make the grade – analysis made from APGAW report.
‘Dogs are generally kennelled for 23 hours a day for their entire racing life, usually two dogs per small kennel sharing one bed and to avoid fighting, dogs are muzzled as a long term solution’ – RSPCA
The National Greyhound Racing Club processed 18,861 greyhound Retirement Forms last year and refuse to disclose the fate or fortune of those greyhounds – NGRC
At least 20 greyhounds a day, either puppies which do not make it to the track or ‘retired’ dogs aged 3 or 4 simply disappear, presumed destroyed – RSPCA
‘Greyhounds suffer through the breeding and selection process, injury and inhumane destruction when they are no longer needed’ – League Against Cruel Sports

Yours sincerely

Please send your emails to :-

dippy.chaudhary@ – Editor of Inside Out London
david.holdsworth@ – BBC Deputy Controller English Regions – Points of View (full name and telephone number required)

You can also make a formal complaint to the BBC Trust on this automated complaints form /complaints_ stage1.shtml

You may also like to add a link to these web pages for a more graphic impact.

Tia’s Wall of Shame
http://www.tiagreyh uk/wall.htm

Awareness Videos
http://greytexploit awareness- videos

Many thanks as always for your continued support

Re-homing Appeal

Despite the ‘Save Our Stow’ supporter’s allegations of corruption over the sale of Walthamstow, we think it is now safe to say the track, baring a miracle, will never hold another greyhound race again.

But we hope you will agree, before we can congratulate ourselves on a job well done, we still need to consider the greyhounds that will now be ‘surplus to requirements’.

Not only those greyhounds made redundant from Walthamstow but also those greyhounds that will have been displaced by some Walthamstow dogs moving to other tracks.

Of course all of these greyhounds are the responsibility of the industry but as the industry allows for euthanasia if the greyhound is ‘unsuitable’ for re-homing and if space is limited, many may not even make it to an RGT kennel.

There will also be greyhounds sold to race on independent tracks, and when injured or retired, the industry takes no responsibility for these. Often abandoned in dreadful conditions, their lives will depend solely on independent rescue centres who receive no industry funding at all.

So please ask friends and neighbours to consider adopting a greyhound, particularly if you live in the South East area.

Nationally, greyhound rescue centres are full to bursting point, so if you cannot commit to the long term responsibility, please consider fostering a greyhound. Your local rescue centre will have further details on fostering arrangements and the rewards can be truly amazing.

Unsung Angels

Have you ever loved something enough to let it go?
Even though it breaks your heart to watch, you know,
That in order to flourish it’s wings must spread,
In order to grow it must move on and look ahead.

Like a first child leaving the proverbial nest,
Your heart aches, but you know it’s for the best.
You have nurtured, nursed and taught all that you can,
They were never yours to keep, that wasn’t the plan.

Could you volunteer to have this pain week after week?
To break your heart quite literally, so to speak.
Open your home, your heart and your mind,
To the abused, the needy, the unloved, the blind?

Could you nurse them back from pain and despair?
Make them understand that love is out there?
Watch them come back to life before your eyes,
Knowing soon you will say your goodbyes?

It’s a special person who can foster a dog.
Turn around it’s life, push sunshine through the fog.
Be a gentle hand, a calming voice and a loving ear,
Soothe all it’s pain away and calm every fear.

To love it so much after seeing it’s pain but prepare to let it go,
To find it a new family they know can love it so.
And when their heart is breaking as they watch it walk away,
Open their door to the next dog knowing it will all end the same way.

So to you angels out there who foster, mostly unsung,
Thank you from all the foster babies, old and young.
Thank you from the families whose lives you have transformed,
When you gave them that bundle that you so much adored.

Without you these dogs would have far less chance.
Have you any idea how many lives you enhance?
Do you know how many people stand back in awe?
You are utterly amazing, you couldn’t do more.

Thank you for having the courage to let go,
The strength to do it all again, I admire you so.
To the dogs you are angels, their saviours and their friend.
Just know each one remembers you, with love until the end.

If adoption or fostering is not an option for you, please consider making a donation to one of the independent rescue and re-homing centres listed on this link.

Please have a heart for greyhounds and thank you, as always, in anticipation of whatever support you can offer.


A huge THANK YOU to you all for emailing the radio stations in response to our ‘Remembrance Weekend’ appeal. Our efforts have already been well and truly rewarded.

As you may already know Maria and Paul were invited into the BBC radio Cambridge studio to talk to Sue Marchant about how they use their wonderful musical talents to help all animals and also to promote the release of Racing to Death and try to raise awareness and highlight greyhound ‘Remembrance Weekend’

Maria not only talked…she sang it loud and proud for the greyhounds. Daring to touch on such controversial issues as lack of welfare, the disposal of 1,000’s of greyhounds and appealing to listeners to look behind the scenes before betting on races or considering a Night at the Dogs. Last but not least, Maria made an emotional plea for listeners to consider adopting a greyhound, promoting them, as we all know to be, loving companion animals.

To hear the radio debut of Racing to Death and the full interview please click here

Greyt Exploitations, cannot express in words, how grateful we are of your continued support but believe us, we are! It is your efforts that make these appeals so successful.




“Two years later. How many thousands of dead dogs later?”

Annette Crosbie OBE – July 2008

Wednesday 16th July marks the second anniversary of the ‘Seaham Slaughter’ exposure by Daniel Foggo, journalist to The Sunday Times. Not only did this investigation prove beyond doubt that greyhounds were being slaughtered on a massive scale but as a result of the public outcry, ministers demanded an All Parliamentary Enquiry.

In remembrance of those innocent souls that died at Seaham and to remind the media and public of the 100’s of thousands of greyhounds that have raced to death since the conception of this ‘Circus of Horrors’, Greyt Exploitations has teamed up with the award winning singer/songwriter Maria Daines. Maria’s powerful ballad ‘Racing to Death’, is released this week and distributed to all BBC radio stations and many independent radio stations.

‘Racing To Death’ has been endorsed by Annette Crosbie OBE, who kindly provided the above quote, questioning just how many more thousands of greyhounds have died since the ‘Seaham Slaughter’.

So what has changed in the last two years?

Very little in fact, except for the price and means of disposal.  In 2008, the cost to trainers and owners seeking to have their healthy greyhounds disposed of is now £30. Only to be further exploited by having their lifeless warm bodies dissected and their organs sold for a profit.

In remembrance of not only the thousands of nameless greyhounds that have been abused and exploited from cradle to grave and beyond, we also consider this cd release a mark of respect to Clash Nitro and Rent A Flyer, two young greyhounds who were photographed being lead to their slaughter and again graphically captured on film after their deaths.

Please contact as many local radio stations as possible, by telephone, email or text and request they play ‘Racing to Death’ by Maria Daines.

Together with Maria’s powerful voice, we can speak for all of the greyhounds still being RACED TO DEATH FOR THE PRICE OF A BET, giving them the voice they so desperately need.

Please click here for your radio station’s contact details.

Should you wish to make a less detailed request, please copy and paste the message below.

Please can you play ‘Racing to Death’ by Maria Daines, to highlight ‘Remembrance Weekend’ for greyhounds. A copy of which can be downloaded here free of charge.

Thank you

You may also like to include a link to the ‘Remembrance’ page at Greyt Exploitations, here –

Please remember to keep all correspondence polite and once again, many, many thanks for your valued support – together we can save lives.

Greyt Exploitations would also like to thank Maria, for devoting her valuable time and her awesome talent to help raise awareness of the exploited racing greyhound.

Thank you Maria – from us and all the animals you so generously help.