In May 2008, the Sunday Times exposed the largest greyhound breeder in Great Britain – Charles Pickering – selling puppies which would not chase or proved  too slow to Liverpool University for research and dissection.

Greyt Exploitations submitted a Freedom Of Information request to the university to ascertain the number of pups involved and the source of funding.

In their response, the university divulged some very sensitive information – clearly unaware of how damaging it would be for the greyhound racing industry.

In total 62 greyhounds were used at the university, 16 ‘donated’ by their owners but also a further 46 that had been destroyed by the track vet at Manchester’s Belle Vue stadium.

Tragically, of the 46 dogs destroyed at Belle Vue, 39 had sustained racing injuries, the vast majority minor but all were deemed ‘uneconomical’ to treat. Similarly, 7 dogs were deemed ‘uneconomical’ to re-home and as a consequence were also destroyed.

In just one month alone – September 2008 – Belle Vue supplied 9 cadavers to Liverpool University.

The research is part funded by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain, who also gave a student vacation bursary of £1,200.

A further 4 greyhounds have recently been raced to deaths at Belle Vue. Happy Hawk, Liam Maldini, Blue Fern and Balreask Touch, all within the space of two weeks. And let us not forget Frisby Foreman who’s fateful end was broadcast on live television from Belle Vue.

It is estimated at least 1,500 greyhounds sustain injuries annually on British tracks, resulting in destruction. However, this estimation does not include those young dogs forced to trial on unfamiliar tracks, where the injury rate is potentially far greater.

“This sorry state of affairs cannot continue. Dogs are being chewed up and spat out of an industry which ultimately treats greyhounds as disposable commodities, rather than sentient animals for which it is responsible.”  Becky Blackmore – RSPCA

Please have the courage to watch this disturbing video, which graphically depicts how these beautiful dogs are raced to their deaths for the price of a bet -12 hours a day – 7 days a week.




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