Aviva Ireland have a new marketing campaign for car insurance that will run until September 30th 2012. The advert features impersonator Mario Rosenstock at Shelbourne Park in Dublin with two remarkably healthy looking and pampered racing greyhounds.


Direct video link – http://youtu.be/ZDsG8M1g6bo

Aviva use the catchphrase “Sure – you’re on to a winner with Aviva Insurance

As we all know – the reality for racing greyhounds is quite different and there are no winners in dog racing. From puppyhood to adulthood – these dogs face a huge risk of destruction at any stage in their short  lives – once judged no longer useful as a gambling product or for breeding.

Such is the irony of this advert – no insurance company will cover racing greyhounds in the event of an accident – due to the massive risks of greyhounds sustaining ‘career ending’ injuries on the dangerous tracks.

Please email Aviva Ireland and inform them of the inherent cruelty of dog racing. You may want to link to the recent story where 4 greyhounds were destroyed in one night at Northern Ireland’s Drumbo Park or the gruesome slaughter of Irish greyhounds earlier this year just a few miles from the Irish Greyhound Board’s HQ in Limerick.

Please also email Aviva UK if you use any of their insurance products and let them know how you feel about their Irish partners using an unethical and cruel industry to promote their business.

Email  addresses – please remember to be polite and informative

Complaints Ireland – direct@aviva.ie

Feedback Ireland – customerfeedback@aviva.ie

Help Desk UK –  helpdesk@aviva.co.uk

Links you may like to include in your email

The tragic story of 4 greyhounds destroyed in one night at Drumbo Park on July 6th 2012


The unresolved crime surrounding the gruesome discovery of greyhounds slaughtered and dumped in an open grave near Limerick in April 2012



Many thanks – as always – for your care and compassion for the greyhounds