Greyt Exploitations have been engaged, together with an animal protection group, in a very long and stressful investigation, which has involved an urgent rescue situation.

A kennel hand employed by Eve Blanchard – the same trainer who was exposed in January of this year – has broken his silence and issued a very frank and full statement, shaming not only the trainer but also racing industry officials.

Coupled with photographs and videos, the evidence proves the industry’s refusal – not failure – but refusal to implement the Rules of Racing and as a consequence greyhounds have needlessly suffered.

The rescue aspect has, to date, been unsuccessful. Having been made aware of the arrangement by Mrs Blanchard, to have 14 greyhounds killed, we launched a tireless campaign to try and save these dogs.

Rescue places had been assured for the dogs and pressure was placed on the industry, making it abundantly clear that if any vet killed the greyhounds, they would be aiding and abetting breaches of Rule 18.

We have received conflicting information as to the whereabouts of the greyhounds that were due to be killed.  If you think you have any of Mrs Blanchard’s greyhounds, please contact either Greyt Exploitations or Neil and Sue Haine – with their earmarks – so they can be checked off the list and we can rest easier knowing these dogs survived.

We hope you will agree, it has taken enormous courage for Neil and Susan Haine, to speak publicly for these innocent dogs, so please take a few minutes of your time to show your gratitude by emailing them at

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