Snip Nua’s death prompts an excellent article in the Irish Mail On Sunday ‘Dara’s dog starred in Three Men after she was put down’ Raising questions over the treatment of animals in the world of dog racing – a DSPCA spokesman said a broken leg is not ‘a life threatening injury’ and putting a dog down over a broken leg is tantamount to animal abuse.

Irish Mail On Sunday – Snip Nua

The 14th marked the first anniversary of Valentina’s death – a heavily pregnant greyhound whose ears had been cut off and then dumped and left to die alone. Her former owners remain unknown as do her killer(s) who still walk free amongst us today.

In Memory of Valentina

Equally as distressing – a badly neglected female greyhound found straying near Claudy Northern Ireland with wounds exposing her hip bones – finds refuge at the Rainbow Re-homing Centre. Joanne Mullan centre volunteer who also found the body of a drowned female on the banks of the river Foyle  in 2008 said they were ‘very worried’ about what appears to be the growing trend of neglect of some retired greyhounds in the Londonderry district.

Brianna- Horrific Case Of Neglect