Dogs that did not finish

During 2013 a total of 41 dogs were unable to physically finish their race at Romford because of an injury or incident. For 25 of those dogs – listed below – it was their last race and are now unaccounted for. Please click on a dog’s name to view their racing history. ‘DNF’ determines the dog did not finish the race.

For example Dudleys Diane’s racing history shows she last raced on 15.04.13. at Romford and did not finish the race. The racing remarks indicate she became lame at the 3rd bend.

Dudleys Diane Lukes Venus Sheeza Bandit
Oso Olly Bower Teddy Dinky Doris
Jaytee Swaby Inishowen Strike Droopys Finish
Sisnemisis Niall Glanmire Lad Slimline Ozzie
Color Express Castlegale Flash Dudleys Lady
Boot Scootin Reckless Star Questhouse Scott
Imperialism Swabys Laine Bubbly Giovanni
Listen To This Spotted Cailin Boo Boos Bonnie
Darian Marvel









Droopy’s Finish was just 19 months old when she sustained an injury in what was to be her one and only race at Romford. She remains unaccounted for although she is listed on Greyhound Data as having died on the night.


Dogs that finished at a ‘distance’

A further 282 dogs were still able to physically finish their race but finished a long distance behind the winning pack because of an injury or incident. For 59 of those – listed below – it was their last race and are now unaccounted for. Again – please click on the dog’s name to view their racing history. ‘DIS’ determines that the dog finished too far behind the leading pack for the distance to be measured.

For example Diesel Bambi’s racing history shows she last raced on the 04.01.13. at Romford after finishing last but too far back for the distance to be measured and the racing remarks indicate she faded from the 6th bend.

Diesel Bambi Oscars Goodbye
Lynton Greg
Suejons Girl Tieraclea Spruce Willis
Dukes Girl Clydagh Teddy Rathbally Ciara
Ceroc Fantasy Bouncing Molly Quivers Kid
Kairos Queen Jazz Luna
Saleen Swift
Droopys Gizmo Trappers Corner Sophie Snowflake
Kildream Darling Blue Max Meydan Sheikh
Millwards Aztec Rebellious Act Pennys Mossy
Slick Sian Hondo Ray Crack On Jimmy
Fabulous Val Alrita Minnie Young Leanne
Bersheda Phantom Earls Mae Color Perfect
Pittsburgh Glory Born To Survive Sherrys Rebound
Swabys Olly Ballymac Tay Swabys Lucie
Courts Ad Stanly Makeit Bolero Bonville Prince
Bersheda Tina Millwards Sheena Jaytee Huzzar
Chunkie Blue Soho Ark Verminator
Copper Pipe Big Blue Havana Hightop Killnic
Rockstar Jack Already Gone Eye Gotta Feelin
Springdale Hawk Busmans Lad Shenfieldexpress
Ardant Owen Mr Van Persie  

Dogs that finished lame

There were also 105 dogs recorded as finishing ‘lame’ – either because an existing injury resurfaced or because they sustained an injury during the race. For 47 dogs – see below – it was to be their last race and are now unaccounted for. Please click on the dog’s name to view their racing history. The racing comments for dogs finishing lame varies from track to track and some fail to even record lame dogs.

Casique Swift Wave Uh Oh Chongo
Bridge Marine Lolly Pop Quivers Society
Strattons Josie Alfies Liz Run For Bloom
Premarket Babe Alrita Panther Granny Grump
Cashen Sniper Tyrur Brogan Ivys Grace
Pittsburgh Power Lolos General Geneva Jimmy
Kingsmill Zara Olympus Belle Blue Glenard
Victorino Cash Register Messi Affair
Young Olympian Ashley Riera Lughill Ian
Molly Malone Lisloose David Ballymac Judith
Freds Shell Jaytee Youngy Dromluachra Blue
Sharons Torres Driver White Battle Bud
Lovely Creek Fabulous Fleur Redhot Poker
Galtee Gloria Nans Turbo Bush Bandstand
Dods Sweep Mushroom Fantastic Royal
Pharisee Fame Voltair Rumble  













Please note – the above numbers only represent dogs that did not race again after suffering an injury. There will be many more dogs that ran their last race at Romford in 2013 uninjured but deemed too old or slow to perform for the gambling industry.

Many of these dogs will have been destroyed by either the track vet or by some other means in accordance with the GBGB Rules of Racing’s Retirement Form – see section D – ‘Injury not treated on economic grounds’

Some may have been homed by the industry’s homing scheme or sold on to independent tracks. Some may have been sent to universities for research and dissection or some may end up being given away – without any checks of the suitability of the adopters – like Cash In who despite running her last race at Romford – ended up on Tia’s Wall Of Shame – emaciated and infested with fleas.

Whatever their fate or fortune – it is the responsibility of the GBGB to account for these dogs post racing.