After losing the fight with a long and debilitating illness ~ Ly Schumacher ~ a passionate and devoted advocate for greyhounds and galgos ~ left this world on August 14th and joined her beloved ‘fur babies’ JJ ~ Metello  ~ Kat and Tica over The Bridge.

When asked about her failing health ~ Ly once wrote “that’s not important, important are only the dogs and their plight’ A typical response from Ly who never wanted sympathy or to take the limelight away from the desperate needs of the innocent souls she unselfishly fought to protect.

Perhaps without knowing ~ Ly will more likely have touched your life in some way but without doubt she touched and helped the lives of hundreds of greyhounds and galgos.


Ly used her wonderful artistic skills to draw and paint pictures and designed beautiful coats for these gentle creatures. So much was her love for them and their need to be accepted as companions ~ she produced a magazine inspired by her beloved Kat who she rescued from Barcelona track when it closed.


Not only did Ly rescue and adopt greyhounds ~ she rallied the support of friends in her home country of Germany and further afield in Western Europe ~ sending donations of not only essential items but also fleeces and luxurious collars for Spanish ~ Irish and English rescues to help raise desperately needed funds.


But what many of you will be unaware of ~ is the contribution Ly made as a researcher – working tirelessly behind the scenes identifying industry breeders and owners guilty of abuse and neglect both online and through the Greyhound Stud Books ~ helping to lift the veil of secrecy the cowardly industry hides behind.

Ly worked closely with Jill Stanley ~ another advocate who also lost a fight against cancer earlier this year. If ever there was a positive to draw from the loss of two wonderful women who sacrificed so much of their lives for the protection of these exploited and abused dogs ~ it will be knowing that when our beloved hounds go to The Bridge ~ Ly and Jill and many more like them will waiting to greet them and they will be cared for in the arms of Angels.


Ly ~ forever in our hearts


In memory of Ly ~ Jill and those friends who are no longer with us ~ we have made a video which we hope will inspire you to continue to work until all are free……….

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