The Facts & Evidence

In this section we will publish articles to evidence the inherent cruelty of dog racing. The cruelty that the industry depends on to maintain profits and for its survival.

Here you will find the results of research and investigations that will dismiss the propaganda and the industry’s claims of ‘high welfare standards within a highly regulated sport’

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to contribute to these pages with factual evidence – statistical – documentary or photographic. Please email us – thank you.

Norman – brutally mutilated and dumped

Monstrous animal abusers have hacked the ears off a young greyhound before dumping him at the side of a road. Click HERE for full story – photos and video.

Greyhounds Party in the Park

Tens of greyhounds took part in a sponsored walk at Drumpellier Park last Sunday to raise awareness of the plight of racing greyhounds and much needed funds to ensure their rescue – rehabilitation and re-homing. Click HERE for photos

Call to end greyhound cruelty

Immediate action is needed to end the torture of greyhounds according to a North East Euro MP. For full story and how you can help please click HERE

Introducing the new Greyhound Awareness pack for dog walkers

Introducing the new Greyhound Awareness pack for dog walkers which have been designed for advocates to promote greyhounds as companion animals and to help raise awareness of the cruel racing industry. For more details please click HERE

Urgent appeal for Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue are desperate to move to larger and more accessible kennels but they need urgent funds to secure a property that is ideal – Holly Bank Farm. HERE are just 5 good reasons from hundreds why they deserve our help to raise that all important funding.

Farmer’s sickening find – 9 dead greyhounds

A Ballycanew farmer was this week faced with the grim task of burying nine dead greyhounds which were callously dumped on his land in Kilcorkey. – read more HERE

Where are all the dogs?

Chris Helgren – a Reuters staff photographer and editor – has completed a project for his MA course in photojournalism and documentary photography at London College of Communication. As part of that project Chris made a video – ‘Welfare managers discuss the problems of re-homing greyhounds’ – inviting opinions from those who have a vested interest in the continuation of dog racing and those who have not. The video also touches briefly on why the industry is in decline. Click HERE for full story.

Frozen Tracks

Due to severe weather conditions and below freezing temperatures – at least 11 tracks across the country cancelled last Friday’s and Saturday’s race meetings. Among those that continued with meetings were of course the 6 bookmaker owned tracks to include William Hill’s  Sunderland and Newcastle tracks that feature on Racing Post TV.  Click HERE for pictures and article.

A Cruel Gambling Industry in Disguise

In memory of Snip Nua and thousands like her who are exploited to showcase greyhound racing on national television – please contact Sky Sports and respectfully ask them to withdraw their support for the cruel dog racing industry. Full story HERE

Destruction and Doping

A special report by ABC News Australia reveals that at least 3,000 greyhounds are destroyed annually in New South Wales – representing nearly 40% of the 7,500 dogs bred for racing in NSW. Read more  HERE

4 Dogs Destroyed at Drumbo park in one night 

The industrialised cruelty continues unabated as four innocent dogs are destroyed in one night at Drumbo Park Northern Ireland. Read more HERE 

A Bit of A Flutter 

On Tuesday June 26th – BBC1’s EastEnders featured a discussion between father and daughter on a suggested visit to ‘the dogs’. More specifically the gambling on dogs was referred  to as a ‘bit of a flutter’ This particular episode of Eastenders topped 7.5 million viewers – with many more watching on BBC iPlayer and repeats – a large percentage will have also been under 16. Read more HERE

A Question of Sport?  

The BBC have yet again endorsed greyhound racing and promoted it to a national audience and this time using the highly popular quiz show Question of Sport as a platform. Read more HERE


Please help to find Kerry’s Killer

Following the discovery of a dead emaciated female greyhound – the RSPCA are appealing to members of the public who were in the vicinity of Thetford on February 23rd to come forward with any information. Read more HERE

The Secret Slaves of the Dog Racing Industry

Following a lengthy investigation by Greyt Exploitations – Ted Jeory of the Sunday Express – has written an excellent article ‘Dog Kennels branded disgusting’ helping to expose the appalling conditions endured by racing greyhounds. Read more  HERE


ShowMe TheBunny’s Kennels

BBC Radio 5 Live’s sports presenter and fan of greyhound racing Colin Murray took ownership of a white and brindle 2 year old female greyhound. Named by the show’s listeners – ‘Showme Thebunny’ will run the risk of injury regularly at Sheffield’s Owlerton dog track on Friday evenings – with Colin Murray’s ‘Kicking Off’ show providing live coverage. So we sent investigators along to ShowMe TheBunny’s kennels in South Yorkshire and evidenced the grim reality of a self regulated industry failing to comply with even the most basic environmental legislation. Read more HERE

Say No To The ‘Stow’

Campaign to keep Walthamstow closed – including updates. Read more  HERE


Breeder Driven Out by Sunday Express

The largest greyhound breeder in Britain – Charles Pickering – can no longer commercially breed greyhounds for the licensed racing industry thanks to a Sunday Express exposure supporting an undercover investigation of the ZigZag puppy farm and kennels. Read more HERE

China Crisis In The Media

A collection of media obtained during the campaign to lobby the Irish government following their announcement of plans to develop commercial greyhound racing and export Irish bred dogs to mainland China.

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