Thank you LUSH

Last Monday after months of planning between LUSH and greyhound protection groups the ‘Don’t Bet On It’ campaign launched itself into our High Streets and Shopping Malls  and UK shoppers were greeted with this message nationwide.



Edingburgh Store

At midday the campaign went live online and LUSH issued hundreds of press releases to the national media and at long last a major UK company endorsed our cause and were prepared to promote and support the campaign to end the betting on dogs and commercial greyhound racing.

Many of you had already touched base with your local store and following weeks of organising – the stars eventually came out on Wednesday. And didn’t the greyhounds do us proud – winning the hearts of LUSH staff and shoppers!

LUSH Puppies!




LUSH middlesbrough

Even though some stores situated in Shopping Malls were unable to invite dogs along because of restrictions placed by the centre’s owners – supporters still came out in force and distributed thousands of leaflets to shoppers and passers by.

Many stores have since very kindly offered further support by holding a Charity Night or inviting us back to leaflet at any time in the future.

In a press statement the GBGB claimed LUSH’s figures – sourced from a Parliamentary Inquiry – were ‘inaccurate and outdated’ but failed to declare recent numbers of dogs ‘unaccounted’ for – which begs the question – are the current numbers far worse?

There is still much more we can do to capitalise on the LUSH campaign.

Please forward this link on to everyone on your contact list websites and social networking sites

Please distribute the LUSH leaflet to your family, friends and work colleagues and place them on public notice boards for maximum effect to raise awareness – a copy of which can be downloaded and printed off here

(You will need to adjust your printer settings)

Please show your appreciation to LUSH by sampling – if you haven’t already – and recommending their ethically produced handmade range of cosmetics.

Click here to view their luscious range

LUSH support many charities and non profit making organisations campaigning for a better planet and your money will help towards the promotion of these important issues.

And finally – a HUGE thank you to LUSH for running a tremendous campaign and raising awareness of the plight of the greyhounds – nationwide!

Archie and Upton experience the LUSH effect