dejablueIn June 2015 – 340 greyhounds suffered a track injury – for 106 of those greyhounds it was to be their last race.

We do not know what has happened to these dogs – where are they all?

Please sign the petition calling for the publication of injury and euthanasia data by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain here

Below is a list of all the greyhounds that have not raced since they sustained an injury on the track

Click on ‘GREYHOUND’ to link to their racing history. You can also watch the race if it is highlighted under ‘EVENT’

Please dont forget to sign the petition – you have a right to know what has happened to these greyhounds once deemed no longer useful as a ‘betting product’ – thank you!


Get On Hallie Sunderland Did Not Finish Mcnicholas AJ KO1
Lucky Hero Crayford Finished at Distance Tompsett PA CkRnUp,(ReQul
Fairholme Rosie Sunderland Finished at Distance Bell EY BCrdRunUp
Riverside Molly Yarmouth Finished at Distance Pleasants RA RlsCkRunUpFd
Zyarths Dominion Sheffield Did Not Finish Smith JR NeverShowed
Murleys Raymie Crayford Finished at Distance O’sullivan BD Crd1& 1/4,Crd&FellRnIn
Ranchers Rocket Newcastle Finished at Distance Edgar TG KnockedOver1
Next Turn Shawfield Did Not Finish Smith W Stopped2
Carlin Rosie Towcester Did Not Finish Dimmock HJ QAw,Led-Ck2
Supreme Comfort Hall Green Did Not Finish Buckland SM SAw,W,FcdTCk 1/4,CkB
Goldmine Susie Newcastle Lame Gibbinson GT ClrRun,FinLame
Sidarian Blaze Wimbledon Did Not Finish Holland GD HitRls&Bmp1,Ck 1/4
Swift Mango Swindon Did Not Finish Gillett G Wide,SAw,Fell2
Farloe Tanner Monmore Did Not Finish Curtin PA Crd1,CkBadly 1/4,Impeded
Crucial Violet Poole Did Not Finish Wright GC QAw,CkB&Fell1
Natty Bumppo Peterborough Did Not Finish Forman JA Bmp1&2,Ck&EsdFr2
Jaytee Columbia Romford Lame/Finished at Distance Young PW Chl&Checked 3/4,Lame
Pity Me Jack Pelaw Grange Did Not Finish Taylor M BadlyBmp&Fell1
Highview Tina Perry Barr Finished at Distance Morris RA BBlk&Fell1
Scarlet Yarmouth Finished at Distance Cross PI MidCrd 1/4,FdFr 3/4
Crown Daisy Hall Green Did Not Finish Deakin SW EP,Ld2- 3/4&CkB
Mijas Magic Newcastle Finished at Distance Wright J LedToBBlk1,Ck2
Brackenstone Ann Peterborough Did Not Finish Spillane SJ Mid,LdTCk2
Quivers Swift Romford Lame Simpson JSJ Bmp1&2,Eased3,Lame
Close House Dfor Sunderland Did Not Finish Mcnicholas AJ KO1
Rough Fantasy Newcastle Lame Burton H Baulked2,FinLm
Go Katie Go Brighton & Ho Lame/Did Not Finish Cahill SA Ck&Bmp&Fell 1/2,Lame
Dejablue Monmore Finished at Distance Burford P BBlk&Fell1
Fairbrook Ace Swindon Did Not Finish Porter DD Mid,Led1-CkVB3
Silkey Suil Brighton & Ho Lame Garland PR Ck&Blk1,FinLame
Dacent Louise Brighton & Ho Lame Heath JJ Baulked2,FinLame
Tuttles Gaga Monmore Did Not Finish Price C CheckedBadly1
Lacken Jacksie Perry Barr Lame/Finished at Distance Allsopp C EP,CkRnUp,FinLm
Woodie Apple Wimbledon Did Not Finish Nicholls BM CheckedRunUp
Suncroft Mo Kinsley Finished at Distance May MN CkgFrStt
Krycek Kinsley Did Not Finish May MN Ld1TilKO3
Blackrose Harry Mildenhall Did Not Finish Kirby AM LdT 3/4,BrokeDown
Saffron Trend Perry Barr Lame / Finished at Distance Meek JE CkBadly3,FinLm
Leamaneigh Ana Romford Lame / Did Not Finish Simpson JSJ SAw,CheckedRnUp,Lame
Killough Tiger Henlow Did Not Finish Liddington RW KO1
Kevitt Tank Perry Barr Lame / Finished at Distance Welding D Blk 1/4,Faded,FinLm
Zaks My Boy Sheffield Finished at Distance Wainwright M Checked 1/2
Moorsidontcare Yarmouth Finished at Distance Pendall RA Rls,DIntRunInDisq
Drumragh Pudsey Romford Finished at Distance Gaskin EA SAway,Wide,Bumped1
Blissful Pudsy Peterborough Finished at Distance York RB Mid,BBmp&KO1
Porter Break Nottingham Did Not Finish Thompson R Ck 1/2
Joe Monk Henlow Finished at Distance Ashpole BW CkRnUp
Toremore Lark Henlow Did Not Finish Bloomfield J QAw,LdTCk 1/2
Bishops Wood Romford Finished at Distance Mullins D SAway,Bmp2,CkBadly3
Leathems Marvel Belle Vue Did Not Finish Saunders NJ FcdToHitRls&Fell 1/4
River Ace Poole Finished at Distance Chatfield PR QAw,LedToCkB1
Farkland Snow Sheffield Finished at Distance Stephenson LJ Checked 1/2,(HT
Salacres Chicken Nottingham Finished at Distance Harnden PH CrdStt,Ck1
Tybar Zak Nottingham Did Not Finish Denby B SAw,HitRails1,Ck2
Do Damage Nottingham Did Not Finish Tuffin LG Ld1-4,Ck4
Bingo In Brazil Nottingham Did Not Finish Saville E Crd&Ck2
Ballymac Dainty Brighton & Ho Lame / Did Not Finish Mcellistrim N CkRunUp,Lame
Lucky Pearl Yarmouth Did Not Finish Barnard IJ WideBBlk&BrtDwn1
Azure Shift Peterborough Finished at Distance Jones R WideEsd 1/2
Mild Tremor Crayford Finished at Distance Fenwick MN EP,SnLd-BBlk&KO 1/4
Aintgotataxi Crayford Finished at Distance Luckhurst JJ HitStb1H,Crd 1/4,Fell5H
Drumcrow Jake Sunderland Did Not Finish Bell EY KO1
Idol Prospect Hall Green Finished at Distance Russell WR W,NotChasing
Goes Broke Crayford Finished at Distance Green ACB Bmp1,BCrd 1/4,CkFrom2
Popos Baby Newcastle Finished at Distance Fenwick JJ CheckedRunUp
Hollyoak Dino Wimbledon Did Not Finish Butler RW BmpStt,CkRunUp
Get On Gypsy Brighton & Ho Lame / Did Not Finish Cahill SA VBadlyBaulked 1/4,Lame
Tomahawk Sri Peterborough Finished at Distance Steward LM RlsTMid,Ck&Esd2
Balmarino Dancer Swindon Finished at Distance Gillett G Mid,BBmp1
Toystory Rosie Kinsley Did Not Finish Lyons WM EP,BCrd&BrtDwn 1/2
Rhincrew Mag Towcester Did Not Finish Cantillon EJ KO1
High Roller Poole Finished at Distance Sims JF EP,LedToVBBmp1
Designer Bee Sittingbourne Finished at Distance Mavrias S EP,Ld1-Ck2
Go On Stokie Monmore Did Not Finish Sallis PA QAw,Crd1,CkBadly2
Fast Nathan Sheffield Finished at Distance Lowe JM EPace,Bumped&KO 1/2
Blackrose Boss Yarmouth Did Not Finish Cross PI Mid-W,BrokeDown1
Woodys Angel Newcastle Did Not Finish Calvert D Baulked2,Ck,Fell 1/2
Compass Darragh Hall Green Finished at Distance Wellon P MidRlsCrd 1/4,Ck3
Coolavanny Cushy Newcastle Lame Dawson AC QAw,Ck1,FinLame
Tullymurry Lewis Belle Vue Did Not Finish Murray MC CkB1,Stpd3
Tricky Chico Doncaster Lame Holt R Ck1,FinLame
Afrikaans Monmore Finished at Distance Burford P CkRnUp,HitRls2,Faded
Headleys Charly Monmore Finished at Distance Price C MsdBrk,Blk1,FellRunIn
Rayvin Lad Sittingbourne Finished at Distance Andreas G EP,Bmp1,Ck2
Salacres Fear Nottingham Finished at Distance Harnden PH CkRunUp
Baroque On Tom Peterborough Finished at Distance Ward P MidTW,MvdOffCk2
Ferryforth Brian Peterborough Finished at Distance Hamilton RP Mid,Ck1
Knockard Emma Crayford Finished at Distance Fenwick MN Crd1H,BCrd2B,(ReQul
Jolly Dodger Mildenhall Finished at Distance Anderson LR RlsTMid,ClrRun
Somersham Boss Mildenhall Finished at Distance Prentice DJ Bmp 1/4,BrokeDown2,Mid
Pocket Dipper Sunderland Finished at Distance Roberts S KORnUp
Portroe Craic Romford Finished at Distance Simpson JSJ MsdBreak,Wide,Eased2
Drumena Mean It Newcastle Finished at Distance Rutherford P LedToCrd&Fell3
Southern Sal Newcastle Lame Wright J Crowded1,FinLm
Tomacelli Towcester Did Not Finish Rayner SJ CkFrStt
Jura Coco Peterborough Did Not Finish Ward DA Mid,CkB 1/2
Suirview Paddy Shawfield Lame / Did Not Finish Rankin G CkgFr2,Lame
Seathwaite Gilda Nottingham Finished at Distance Gray J SAw,Ck2
Russelena Bailey Sheffield Did Not Finish Cutler M Ck&Bumped1
Deerfield Dream Crayford Finished at Distance O’sullivan BD Crd1B&2B,CkFrom3B
Airport Captain Wimbledon Did Not Finish Hutton KR Checked1
Derryhogan Bling Perry Barr Lame Meek P CrdStt&1& 1/2,FinLm
Avalon Chief Poole Did Not Finish Woodhouse PF SAw,CkB3,StpdRnIn
Newlawn Ava Romford Lame / Finished at Distance Simmonds PJ QAw,Mid-W,CkFr2,Lame
Riada Gem Sunderland Finished at Distance Lagan EA Bmp1,Ck2
Headford Make Sheffield Did Not Finish Rogers MK Bumped&CkBadly1