Today marks the third anniversary of Snip Nua’s tragic death where during a Christmas race meeting – she sustained a treatable but ‘career’ ending injury and was subsequently rewarded for her efforts with a lethal injection – deemed of no further use as a betting product or for breeding. 

What was equally as tragic –  is that the BBC concealed her death – misleading viewers into believing that their canine star was alive and well at a time a BBC programme featuring Snip Nua and greyhound racing was broadcast.

Similarly over the last 18 years Sky Sports have broadcast live greyhound racing – providing a shop window for the industry to showcase their gambling ‘product’ as a ‘sport’ and a family event – while the unsuspecting public remain oblivious to the fates of greyhounds that sustain injuries.

Despite the industry’s efforts – they have been unable to hide the cruel and exploitative nature of dog racing – captured in this video comprising of incidents broadcast live on Sky Sports.


Sky Sports are presently in discussion with the industry to decide the level of coverage for greyhound racing in 2013. Already it has been suggested that no race meetings will be covered in January and February.

Please email Sky Sports – enclosing a link to the video – and respectfully ask them to totally withdraw their support for an industry that exploits not only dogs but also children in an attempt to sanitise it’s image.

To contact Sky – please click here to fill out their CONTACT FORM

Please click here – to leave a message on SKY SPORTS FACEBOOK PAGE

Finally – please visit SNIP NUA’S REMEMBRANCE PAGE and hold her in your thoughts together with Rotar Wing – Westmead Adonis and the thousands of dogs who have needlessly died at the hands of the gambling industry ~ thank you



May they all rest gently in peace