valentina3In a distressing incident on Saturday 14 February, the body of a dog was found dumped in Iron Acton, near Yate, Bristol, with both ears cut off.

Irish Racing greyhounds are tattooed in the ears for identification purposes and it is thought that the dog, a female greyhound who was heavily pregnant with six pups, was mutilated in order to prevent the culprits in this horrific case from being traced.

Now the RSPCA is hoping that someone will recognise this dog, who is black with white markings under her chin and a white blaze between her forelegs as well as two white spots on her throat.

Though it is not yet clear how the dog, who is thought to be about four-years-old died, veterinary examination suggested that the body has been dumped within 24 hours of when it was found.

Her ears had been removed with a sharp blade and she found wrapped in a blanket.

RSPCA Inspector John Atkinson, who is investigating, said: “This is a very distressing incident for all involved, and we are investigating every possible avenue”

As this poor girl was discovered on February 14th – Valentines Day – we have now named her ‘Valentina’.

To try and help find those guilty of this dispicable crime, the RSPCA have released photographs of Valentina and although very distressing, the photograph clearly shows the two distinctive white spots on Valentina’s throat and it is hoped that someone will recognise her and come forward with information which would lead to a criminal prosecution.


Rest gently sweetheart ~ you & your babies are now safe from harm

If any member of the public saw people dumping Valentina or think they recognise her, please contact


Gina Harris, Avon & Somerset Greyhound Action  – Telephone – 07899 715216


Greyhound Rescue West of England  – Telephone – 07000 785092


Any information will be treated in the strictest confidence.


If any supporters or members of the public would like a larger image of Valentina to produce leaflets and posters for distribution in the South West region or online please email