The Greyhound Regulatory Board shall hold the last registered Owner to be responsible for the welfare of a Greyhound and also for making acceptable arrangements for his/her retired Greyhound as follows :-

The Greyhound be retained as a pet,


The Greyhound be boarded at a Licensed Kennel,


The Greyhound be boarded at a Kennel licensed by the local authority, or

The Greyhound be found a home through the Retired Greyhound Trust, or

The Greyhound be sold or found a home, responsibly,


If it is necessary for the Greyhound to be euthanased either on humane grounds or because none of the above options are available, the Owner ensuring, subject to Rule 58, that such euthanasia is carried out by a registered Veterinary Surgeon.

A registered Owner shall inform the GBGB if there is any change in ownership of a registered Greyhound and whether or not it is intended to enter in any Trial or Race again (see Rule 20).

A registered Owner shall also report, or arrange for a licensed Trainer to report on his/her behalf, the retirement of a Greyhound which it is not intended to enter it in any Trial or Race again, or any subsequent “Comeback” from a previously-reported retirement, to the Racing Manager of any NGRC Licensed Racecourse and shall be given and retain a receipt in the form of a copy of a Greyhound Detail Report prepared under Rules 195(ii) and 194(vii).

Failure to give notification under Rule 18(ii) within 28 Days of the Change of Ownership shall result in a penalty being levied and may result in the Greyhound Regulatory Board Director of Regulation or if the matter is referred to it, the Disciplinary Committee prohibiting an Owner from registering Greyhounds unless the Owner is able to satisfy the Greyhound Regulatory Board Director of Regulation that any future retirement of a Greyhound in his/her charge will be strictly in accordance with Rule 18.