The BBC has stated ShowMe TheBunny ‘is not owned by the programme or the BBC, it is owned by the British Greyhound Board’.
The British Greyhound Board is an organisation that we are not familiar with and doubt it even exists.

However in compliance with the Rules of Racing – the name of the owner or lessee of a greyhound must be published in the race card and the race card on September 23rd – the owner/lessee of ShowMe TheBunny is clearly listed as ‘Kicking Off With Colin Murray’ in trap 6.

Further proof of ownership – if ever it was needed – can be found on Sheffield dog track’s Blog – which states “Colin Murray, a sports presenter on BBC Radio Five Live, has taken ownership of one of our greyhounds”

Regardless – there is no doubt the BBC are promoting greyhound ownership and the gambling on dogs as “A great fun night out” and at a cost to the license fee payer and 1,000’s of dogs lives.

So we sent investigators along to ShowMe TheBunny’s kennels in South Yorkshire and evidenced the grim reality of a self regulated industry failing to comply with even the most basic environmental legislation – whereby it appears that not only are the industry guilty of destroying dogs in order to preserve profits – they are also guilty of destroying the environment to avoid costly overheads.

ShowMe TheBunny’s kennels are remotely situated on what can only be described as a large area of overgrown wasteland – strewn with all manner of household rubbish and industrial waste.

wooden kennelsThere appeared to be no mains supply of electric to some of the kennels and a number of gas cylinders litter the compound – posing as a fire risk to the dogs that have no overnight security or supervision.

Effluent washes down from the kennel floor and drains onto a field used to grow grain for human consumption and dog faeces – animal by products and soiled bedding are buried in a purposely dug pit – contaminating the soil.

Soiled bedding together with other animal by products and household rubbish are burnt in an open skip – producing highly toxic fumes polluting the air.

kennel - close up


According to information received by us – planning permission was applied for and approved in 1993 for the construction of 10 kennels on this piece of land. However the Valuation Office’s non-domestic 2010 Rating List does not include these kennels and it appears no inspection or assessment has been done for these business premises.

We have submitted complaints and the evidence to the relevant authorities.

Please send this video to the BBC and again ask them to retire ShowMe TheBunny – withdraw their support of greyhound racing and their promotion of the gambling on dogs.

If you have already complained to the BBC about ShowMe TheBunny please ask them to escalate your complaint and quote your reference number.

Please remember to be polite at all times ~ thank you

BBC Complaints


The BBC has advised us that they have withdrawn the programme permanently! Thank you to everyone who complained to the BBC.