Following months of attempting to raise their concerns with the Greyhound Board of Great Britain – the Greyhound Trainers Association have blown the whistle exposing a complete disregard for the unnecessary deaths of 6 greyhounds and a den of corruption at the highest level.

In a series of documents posted on the GTA website the Association have not only raised welfare concerns but also called for forensic accounting of hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of contracts awarded to a firm run by a relative of a GBGB Board Director without any form of a tendering proceedure. Also published are a series of communications highlighting how a 600k contract to build the new track at Towcester eventually reached £1.8m when the racing manager was ‘pressured’ to contract the firm run by a relative of a GBGB Board Director.

At the root of the problem lies 6 dead dogs destroyed in the space of just 9 days at the Ladbrokes’ owned Crayford dog track. In total 13  greyhounds were injured during a 2 week period between July 25th and August 8th 2015.

injury sheet

Photo of the vet’s injury sheet

Despite suffering treatable injuries none of the greyhounds were euthanased on humane grounds. All 6 dogs – bar one – were ‘euthanased’ following a trail and  3 of the dogs according to the track vet – could have raced again but their trainers/owners requested for the dogs to be destroyed.

The 6 dogs to have been rewarded with a lethal injection in return for earning thousands of pounds profit for the bookmakers as a gambling product are

July 31st Five alley Nidge – 3 year old black dog – trainer A Green – 24 races Nottingham – last registered owner P White (TRIAL)

August 4th Quivers Dino – 2 year old black boy – trainer A Green – 31 races at Crayford – last registered owner Greens Greyhounds (TRIAL)

August 4th Mild Tremor – 3 year old black boy – trainer M Fenwick – 33 races at Crayford – last registered owner P Cusack (TRIAL)

August 5th Snipe Kipper –  sex and age unknown – trainer J Luckhurst – 0 races (TRIAL)

August 5th Seven Bold – sex and age unknown – trainer S Gammon – 0 races (TRIAL)

August 8th Zenas Yoga – 3 year old fawn girl – trainer G Davidson – 17 races at Crayford – last registered owner Mr C Sliney (RACE)

all dogs

Please click HERE for detailed injury statistics relating to Crayford in 2013.

FTR – we only researched RACES and excluded TRIALS – which begs the question just how many greyhounds are being destroyed in total at Crayford?