For an activity to be recognised as a sport in the UK – its status must be agreed by all five Sports Councils – Sport England, sports Scotland, Sport Wales, Sport Northern Ireland and UK Sport and must comply with the European Sports Charter definition of sport:

“Sport means all forms of physical activity which, through casual or organised participation, aim at expressing or improving physical fitness and mental well-being, forming social relationships or obtaining results in competition at all levels”

As such none of the five councils within the UK include greyhound racing within their lists of recognised activities and governing bodies.

Under self regulation – greyhound racing is controlled and funded by the gambling industry – thus ensuring the bookmakers of a constant supply of a very cheap ‘betting product’

However – the BBC have yet again endorsed greyhound racing and promoted it to a national audience and this time using the highly popular quiz show Question of Sport as a platform. The episode in question was first aired on Monday 19th March and also given a second showing on Saturday March 31st at 5.30pm

Unfortunately we were unable to record the programme for legal reasons but trainer Chris Allsopp – has published the event on his Blog ‘Its a Question of Sport for Drumcove Lad’

Drumcove Lad appeared as the Mystery Guest where Matt Dawson had the difficult task of guessing which ‘sport’ the greyhound represents – thereby misleading viewers into believing that greyhound racing is a ‘sport’.


Drumcove Lad with Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell

To quote Chris Allsopp “The BBC asked me if Drumcove Lad could appear on the show as a mystery guest. I obviously jumped at the chance as this is great publicity for the kennel and also for greyhound racing as a whole. The only other live animal to appear on this great sport quiz was the late Red Rum. This popular sports quiz is shown all over the world by millions on people”

Sadly – the Blog that also catalogues the destruction of Rooney’s Lad – a 20 month old puppy whose leg was broken at the deadly first bend where the vast majority of collisions occur  – due to the  long fast straight from the traps leading to a hazardous bend. This was only Rooneys’ 5th race.


 June 16th 2010 ~ February 25th 2012
Rest Gently in Peace
Please email the BBC and complain regarding their promotion of a gambling industry as a sport and their endorsement of an industry that depends on cruel practices for its profitability. Ask them to address the misrepresentation by making a public announcement on Question Of Sport at the earliest opportunity and also request they redress their biased reporting – in favour of greyhound racing – constantly seen and heard on the BBC.
You will have to complete the BBC’s standard complaints form which can be found here COMPLAINT FORM and please remember to be polite ~ thank you.