The Manchester Evening News has published an excellent article exposing – yet again – the continued destruction of greyhounds sustaining injuries ‘uneconomical to treat’ and greyhounds ‘uneconomical to re-home’ at Belle Vue dog track.

Officials told the M.E.N. journalist – Yakub Qureshi – that in the last 12 months, Liverpool University scientists had received 33 dogs from the stadium – 31 of these were put to sleep because of injury and the two others put down because of aggressive behaviour.

The new figures reaffirm the huge numbers of greyhounds destroyed track side – estimated to be in the region of 1,500 on the remaining 25 major bookmaker tracks and 8 independent tracks.

Responding on behalf of the industry Ian Parry claims – amongst others – he would welcome a public debate with anti-racing campaigners on the safety of the ‘sport’ – something which greyhound protection groups are endeavouring to organize.

But until greyhound protection groups can secure this golden opportunity to publicly expose the cruel and corrupt industry, please try to support the campaigners who tirelessly educate the race goers at Belle Vue of the abuse they are supporting.

Kate Johnson talks passionately about why they campaign

Please contact Jason at North West Greyhound Action


Phone: 07952238592

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